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The Bradbury

This is the Home Page for the residential community.

You can create it from scratch by simply clicking on a photo of your building (if you have one) and typing a short description of why it's so fabulous to live in such a wonderful place! Editing the text is as simple as typing into a box - all the formatting is done for you. Changing the picture is as easy as clicking on the new picture on your home computer. Anyone can do it! Really! The format of your site is individually designed just for you - so that no two sites are alike. If you have artwork, you can send it to our designers for inclusion in your web design.

The advertisements you may see at the bottom of the screen are yours to turn off or keep on. You may charge local businesses for the listings or not. It's all up to you! As a matter of fact, you can turn on or off just about any part of your site by clicking a button or two.

Look around this demonstration site - be sure to log in under 'Owner Login' and check out the private menu selections for owners and residents only! Post an announcement or add a message to the discussion area to see how easy it is to stay in touch with your neighbors!

We have included a video tour below to illustrate how easy it is to embed a video uploaded to YouTube into your HOA web site. 



Embedded Screencast movie:

Contact Info: Michael Hogan
(312) 884-7619